Ram rod holders

I’m thinking about buying the Ram rod holder but I’ll be putting it on my yak at a spot where I have no internal acess. Meaning I have to use self tapping SS screws. As anyone had issues with using selftapping screws with rod holders? Anyone had one pull out?

google up something called “wellnuts”

they are super strong fastners made for the exact application you’re looking for.

also available at http://www.kayakfishingstuff.com/default.asp

Wellnuts need internal access, so they’re out…Never used the SS Screws, so don’t know…consider the use of Pop rivets…or expansion screws for drywall…(SS and Aluminum).

I’ve used the rivets and have had no problems. The rod holder has been on for about 3 years now.

…DON"T need internal access…

Wellnuts are the best item to use for mounting accessories to a kayak. You don’t need access to the inside of the hull to have a water tight seal. The length is 1". This size works best on kayaks allowing for maximum grab. We use a 10/32, 1-1/2" bolt for most applications, and a 2" bolt for Scotty products. If you want bolts with them scroll down to the bottom of the fasteners page and order wellnuts with bolts.

That’s quoted from a site selling them.


That’s a new one on me, I have some (What I thought were well nuts.)Looking at them they do indeed require internal access.

Wellnut diagram
wellnuts work the same as rivets by expansion. Insert the wellnut into the drilled hole and as you turn in the screw the plastic expands. Works kind of like poly bolts for drywall. Go here for a diagram at KFS. Hope this link is acceptable to the moderators, if not i apologize in advance.


Differing use of them…
Those are indeed wellnuts…first I’ve seen them used in that manner though…I use them like standard nuts on the INSIDE of my hull to prevent leaks. Used as pictured, they would work, but the collar at the top would prohibit a flush mount to the surface of the yak…

Ya learn something new every day…I stand corrected.