RAM Suction Cup Mounts - Do they Work?

I’m thinking about purchasing a RAM suction cup type mount to attach my GPS to the kayak and was wondering if anyone has used such a mount. Does it adhere well to a composite type surface? The literature says it works best on a glass surface, which I would expect to be much smoother that gelcoat.


Ram mounts
If these are the ones I have seen, they are rather big and bulky aren’t they? I’ll bet you could fabricate a more compact mount out of minicell or 2" wide aluminum.


What model GPS?
Garmin makes mounts for many of theirs - and are small compared to the other options. Magellan has mounts too.

I’ve got a Meridian Marine. The Ram suction cup I observed at a shop looked fairly compact.

I was concerned about how well it would remain stuck to the deck after attachment. I will probably tether it to the bungie; but I was wondering if gel coat is a good enough surface for the cup to adhere to?