RAM X canoe hanging for 10 years- warp?

I am looking at buying a used RAM X 15 (Coleman) that has been hanging suspended by a rope run from each end and tied to a ceiling. It has been hanging like this for around 10 years. Might this warp it or otherwise harm it? Any thoughts on how to check for warpage when I take it down to look closer?

It is in otherwise good condition, but has been hanging like this for a long time.

Thanks for any help or advice.

I would put it on leveled saw horses and
sight down and across the bottom for symmetry. It would not hurt the boat to pick up a speck of rocker, but a tendency to twist might affect tracking. That inside aluminum tubing support system would help prevent the boat from sagging too much when hung by the ends.

Try this
You might want to consider what kind of heat the hull was subjected to during those ten years. Stored inside near a furnace, waterheater or other heat source could have caused a deformation in the plastic which will be readily visible upon inspection. If it was stored inside, or in considerable shade, like under a porch, you probably don’t have to worry about any degradation by UV rays.

Ask to see the boat out on a back lawn or someplace where you can view it from all sides. Stand at one end and check that the gunwales are symmetrical, that is they describe the typical canoe shape without any indentations on one side or the other. Check when viewing from the side also. Make sure the hull is firmly set into the gunwales all around.

Next, check the keelson, the tube that is set inside running from bow to stern, and make sure it is straight and not bent or crushed. Check the seat hangers, the thwart, and the three vertical pieces that run from the keelson to the thwart and each seat.

Finally, check the hull plastic for deformation. My old Coleman’s hull has “stretched” a bit, and can be pushed away from the keelson with very little pressure. More movement here means more stretch, Can you say “Oil Can?”

These boats are hard to kill, but are…uhh…not highly regarded by the paddling fraternity, and for reasons which are undeniable.

But Screw 'Em! Beat the guy up on the price and get out on the water. Later you can decide if you want a better boat, or you’re tired of paddling. (fat chance for the latter) In the meantime, have some cheap fun.

cheap start
Make sure you check your local prices for a NEW Coleman RAM before you buy used. I agree with Hackyaks diplomatic description, not a great boat by any means, but can make for a cheap start to paddling. However, make sure your used 10 year old boat is WAY cheaper than the new cheap boat!

Definitely check out the price of a new
one. Plastic degrades over time. However, if it’s cheap enough it will make a suitable ‘slop down the river’ fishing boat.

Thanks for the feedback everybody.

I did the inspection based on above feedback

and bought it (180.) Maybe

not the best deal ever, but what sold me is that it is in excellent

condition, hardly used,so I’ve saved some money and the tax. I was looking at the new Pelican EXPLORER too ($120 more plus tax

at local big box)

it is a very similar boat, but the older Coleman I got seems to have more aluminum framing supporting the hull, etc.

So I went for it. Now I want to set it up for fishing.

Thanks again to those who helped me here, MUCH appreciated,