Ranger Canoes

Anyone from the MidWest that can fill me in about Ranger Canoes?(or perhaps even give me a test drive?) I’m an hour NW of Madison, WI. Why a Ranger vs. another 16 or 17 footer? I’m looking for a good all arounder for mostly lake and slow river paddling, with some backcounty camping/portaging/fishing etc.



Ranger Canoe

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The Ranger Canoe is well made and will easily meet the requirements you are looking for in a boat. Since they are made in N.H. and there are sevral boat manufactures near where you are located I won't venture to say one is better then the other, but if this competes fairly in price with local boats then I think you will find it competes fairly with them on the water as well. It would be somewhat similar to a Mad River Explorer in feel.

ranger canoes

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I have one. I'm in Minneapolis.

I've had it for about 3 mos. It's a nice boat. It's approx half the price of a couple of the more popular, locally manufactured boats in similar models/classes. Quality is good. Paddles nice, as "they" say.

It seems like a nice all around boat. Decent tracking, yet easy enough to turn. Tandem it is real sweet. Good stability. For solo you really need to add a kneeling thwart or third seat since it comes stock w/only the carry yoke. Once I added the thwart it's good for solo as well. A couple of 5 gal water jugs as ballast help for solo.

I bought the boat sight unseen. No regrets. Did call a few peple on the east coast who sell them, and ran across a guy here who listed one in the want ads.

Mike O'Hara is a good guy to work with. Delivery may take some work. He mainly uses people who specialize in hauling boats. My timiing was right in that one of them was making a run to Wenonah, and stopping at a local store here.