Ranger canoes?

I saw the reviews posted here – just wondering if anyone else had an opinion about them.

Had One a Few Years
Traded mine in at Carl & Johns on a Bell Northwind. It was very well made, and very good price. If I did more flatwater paddling, I would’ve kept mine. It just likes to go straight more than it likes to turn, which is a good thing in many places, but not the twisty rivers I paddle. Not that it was THAT tough to paddle on rivers, just that I prefer something with more rocker. Won’t go into my “Review” since mine is one you would have read. If you’ve ever paddled a Mad River Malecite or a Wenonah Adirondack, the Ranger had a similar “Feel;” think Mad River Malecite with more initial stability. Good boat, good value, and the owner of the company is a nice, knowledgeable guy. Only thing I didn’t like were the small, 'glass deck plates. The boat was fairly light for 'glass, but definitely sturdy. Here’s a few pics of mine. The inside is gray on most of his 'glass boats, but the yellow interior on mine was an “Experiment” he had with a few of his boats. WW




Ranger canoe

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I've had one for 4 years. No complaints.
Great boat for the money. Handles nice.
Mostly paddle mine solo.

Like WW says - The owner is great to work with. Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Being in NH you might be able to go there and try one out.

Goog Boat
Rangers are well designed, well made, so perform and hold up well for a general purpose, medium, composite tandem.

And, Mike O’Hara is one of the neat guys in the industry; helpful and always fun!