Ranger Otter Canoe from EMS

Does anybody know what material the Ranger company used to make the Otter model canoe? These were sold at Eastern Mountain Sports(out of business) in the 1990s.

A sticker with the EMS name on it also lists “Made in New Hampshire”.

Another sticker reads “COREMAT® a core material makes this boat lighter more rigid and improves the gel coat finish”.

Is this fiberglass, kevlar, royalux or something else. I would like to know, for repairing the shell.

Thanks, J

Ranger Canoes
I believe their boats are F/G. I had one at one point in time and really enjoyed it. I’ve been to the factory once and they were very helpful. I tried the URL to their site but it didn’t come up: www.rangercanoe.com

You might have more luck getting to it than me. Hope this helps.


I was wrong. This one is kevlar. Here’s the URL:



My guess…

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is that it is a Kevlar boat. Here is why:

I found this on a fiberglass websitse:
Coremat® is a microsphere filled, random laid, chopped fiber polyester fabric with good conformability, that is used as a laminate bulking and print-control mat. Ideal for adding stiffness to laminates and molds

The decription of the Ranger Kevlar design says:
At Ranger, we use a microspere core that is stiff but compatible with all layers of the composite material above and below. And will never absorb water or can never delaminate.

Their E-glass boats are kevlar core.

Thus, I predict that because your boat contains a COREMAT core, that it is Kevlar.
I could be right but I'd call the company to confirm.

They aren’t out of business

Ranger Otter
Ranger is still in business. They advertise here. the website: http://rangercanoe.com/canoes.htm

They make a kevlar model and a poly/E-glass model w/kevlar reinforcement. I just bought one this year (poly/E-glass). Nice boat. Not sure about earlier models, but the poly-E glass has a grey interior finish, and I think the kevlar is tan.

Best bet is to call though.

Ranger Canoe, Inc.

36 River Street

Ashland, NH 03217

603 968-7022

My bad. I assumed too much.

Thanks, you guys are great.