Ranger Otter Canoe

Please give me thoughts on how this canoe paddles. Any comparisons to others would be great. Thanks.

Had One For a Couple Years
It’s very well made for a great price since the builder is owner/secretary/janitor etc. Similar boats would be the Wenonah Adirondack and Mad River Malecite. Shallow V hull that has decent glide for a relatively wide 16’ boat. Good stability both primary and secondary. Excellent tracking, was a bear to turn loaded down on the river. The reason I sold mine was I wanted a bit more rocker and easier turning boat. It’s an excellent tandem day tripping boat for lakes and slow streams. It can be pressed into duty as a solo without difficulty, and makes a good tripping boat as such. Tandem loaded down with a lot of gear, though, you’d want a couple small to medium sized paddlers. It’s not going to hold two big guys and a moose! Darn good, well made boat. Here’s a few pics of mine, one next to a Wenonah Adirondack. WW