Rant: Plastic Canoe seats!

Seems it’s getting harder and harder to find a reasonably priced canoe with traditional wood frame , cane /nylon weave seats. ( I shop used mostly but noticing the trend in new boats as well.) Many today ( including near all of Old Town’s line up,) come with molded, “directional” seats that force you to sit in a certain position facing a certain way. What gives? Don’t they know that many of us like to sit in the “front” seat and paddle backwards when we solo???

Me OT Tripper
dat ah’ bought 31 years ago came wit dem crappy plastic seats (which ah’ promptly tore out an’ put in wood framed cane seats) so it’s not somethin’ new…


Don’t they know?

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Old Town has no idea what you do.
If they did know, I doubt seriously they would care. .
They deal in volume sales; not in personalizing canoes for different paddlers wants/needs/real or perceived needs.

Do as fatelmo (and many others) do; rip out what you don't want, and replace it with what you do want.

I will soon be doing just that with my new Mohawk Odyssey. I am of the opinion that the aluminum seat hangers in the Mohawk are crap. Felt the same way about them in Bell canoes too.


Sorting wheat from chaff
On this forum, and even in the real world, you will get a multitude of sophisticated and highly nuanced opinions that every type of canoe seat is the best.

All those opinions are wrong, except the ones that advocate poly webbed seats.

Tamia, “In the Same Boat” said she …
… is considering doing an article on paddler’s seats , mods. , changes , etc. … I hope she does , it should be interesting , keep an eye out for it .

I like the tractor seat in my Wenonah

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and I love the seat in the Rapidfire but I'm a kayaker who likes n open boat.

easy swap
Swapping canoe seats is pretty easy. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve done it.