Rapid Runner Bilge Systems

Site is up, but order system is down–anyone know if they are still in business?

answer to ?–great customer service
Thank you for your interest in our products. We have been experiencing this

website ordering problem all day. Our website was hosted by ReadyHosting,

but ReadyHosting was recently purchased by another company, and now all

websites are under transition to new servers. We contacted the server

company and alerted them to our problem. Their tech support people are

handling things, and they tell us that our website will be up and running

again anywhere from 5 minutes to 48 hours. We have been emailing customers

all day long with this information. We look forward to processing your

order as soon as our website is up and running again. Please check back

soon, or call (888-298-8899) or email if you having any other questions.

first rate products and service
I have one of their systems in my Explorer. The product is fantastic, i.e., durable, incredibly efficient, very light, great service.

Not too many companies like this. If you go with Li Polymer batter, don’t make one yourself they are explosive!


just another positive experience with RR
just drilled another hole in a boat for my second RRBS install…still carry a hand pump because anything could happen, i mean a great white could bite right where my battery is-but in east TN that’s a chance i’m willing to take…the hand pump is really for paddlemates who dont have an electric bilge system.

I mention more than just praise for Rapid Runner for the newbies that have or will discover Pnet. If you are really into kayaking and willing to spend money for a kevlar kayak then what is 200-300$ for an assistant in your kayak? someone who at the push of a button gets the water out of your boat… personally i love tinkering and making the boat my own instead of QCC’s or VAlley’s…they are worth thinking about if only for another security measure or insurance policy.