Rapidan River


I would like to put in near Raccoon Ford on the Rapidan river Virginia, but I’d like to take out before I get to Germanna or beyond! I just don’t have enough time to do a trip that far on the weekend.

Anyone have any suggestions?

One suggestion is to get on Google
Earth and scout for access points from space.

If GE doesn’t suit, go to the USGS real time gauge page, pick out a gauge on or near your section of the Rapidan, and then pull down their available data selection. Near the top is “location.” This gives you five map functions, road, satellite, satellite plus road, terrain, and USGS topographicals. The terrain function comes up first. Roll in closer with your mouse wheel. I don’t know a way to save the images, but you can print them.

doubt it’s possible
unless you know one of the neighboring farmers/homeowners, and can make arrangements to take out on their land. even then, road access is limited. you might look here for other trip options


would you be putting in at Hwy. 522, or Raccoon Ford Rd? one leg I’ve thought of trying but haven’t yet, is to put in below the dam in Rapidan (maybe from the church on the riverbank there) and paddle to 522.