rapidrunner bilge pump

Has anyone installed a rapidrunner bilge pump in a kayak. They recommend installing behind the seat but I have a Tempest 170 Pro with a slanted rear bulhead so it will not fit there.

not sure what a rapidrunner bilge pump is?

more beta?

steve (who’s installed a boatload of pumps in Tempests!)

No, but…
I would like to know where one could get a foot switch like they use in their system. They use an on/off foot switch that triggers a latching relay which, in turn, supplies power to the pump. I like their pump system, but they’re too expensive for my pocket book. Have been considering building my own, but I’ll wait until “ericnyre” provides some feedback from the rig he is building–refer to: http://www.canoecolorado.com/canoeing/bilgepump/. Last I checked, he was waiting for a waterproof connector.

I guess an alternative to the behind the seat location would be all the way forward in front of the pegs, but that would present a whole new set of issues. Or, could the pump be placed in front of the seat where some boats have a water bottle holder and place the battery box where ever it it’s convenient. Would those locations work in a Tempest?

rapidrunner bilge pump
The rapidrunner bilge pump is a battery operated pump. For more info. go to http://www.rapidrunnerbilge.com/products.php

with a rigid pvc pipe system you could easily make a pick-up either in front or behind the seat. the pump could go on the fwd bulkhead. put the battery pac in the fwd compartment.

I’ve done this with Guzzlers.