rapier 19 potential;

with a longer waterline and thiner width than its 18 brother, will it be potentially faster (engines being equal) or do you think the heavier weight and lack of stiffness(plastic) makes it equal/less than? i noticed valley had listed it on their site and it got me wondering. either way it’s probably great for training with.

plastic racing kayak
I felt on the floor, started rolling and laughing.

Not that one can not have a plastic racing kayak, but at 19 feet this should be quite amusing. And, just mere 52lb without hatches for the standard Diolene construction ( per Valley website).

Anyways, how much do you think it will bend under full stroke torque? I’d say 1-2 inches…

the weight isn’t that bad.
more than i would like but there are some pluses. it would be a great trainer if you paddle on a real rocky shore. no worries. not to mention a qcc 700 in glass weighs 52lbs, and thats a foot shorter. the flex is more of an issue, but valley is a quality company and i would hope that they have come up with some kind of solution to minamize the flex. worth a test paddle to see at least.

Who buys a glass 700? NM

Rich people

Paddlin’ poly


I bet you a Diet mountain dew the boat is NOT as light as advertised, and I bet its nearly the price of a GLASS QCC-700.