Raquette from Piercefield to Carry Falls

Has anyone made trip from Piercefield to Carry falls resevoir? What water level is needed to make this trip? Can you run most of the rapids or do you have to carry most of them? Are there camping sites along the way? Thanks.

Raquette R
Have run this section 3-4 times. Great run & best ww on Raquette. It’s accurately described in Jamieson’s “North Flow” & in Days 7&8 of this report:


It’s runnable all yr but in a canoe Moosehead is treacherous @ very hi water & boney @ extreme low water.(See Piercefield USGS gauge online)Jamestown & Moody Falls must be carried & both Upper & Lower Sols deserve scouting. There are designated campsites under old growth White Pines. Spend an extra day on CFR & explore the Jordan R which also feeds it. Enjoy.

great trip report. thanks. can you still camp on the islands of CFR?

CFR camping
CFR’s islands & shoreline both offer great camping opportunities. As most upstream of Raquette’s reservoirs it’s water is used to keep downriver turbines spinning. This often exposes miles of sandy shoreline & unlimited camping. Power co. owns shoreline below 1400 ft contour & have open land policy thus DEC regs don’t apply. Of islands I think Maple offers best campsite(s) It hosted @ NPMB rendezvous in '03 & I heard no complaining.

Glen is right on, as always
Carry Falls Resevoir is the only place in the Adirondacks where i have seen miles of brilliant white sandy beaches.

And the side trip to explore the Jordan River is well worth the walk and carry.


best water level
what do think is good range of flow levels for this trip in a canoe?