Raquette River NY

Anyone fished the Raquette at the outlet for Long Lake? I’m wondering is there is trout there or immediately below the falls. Will be going last weekend in April.

or if anyone knows of any good places for a canoe camping trip on trout waters that they could recommend for that weekend, preferably south of long lake area. Hoping to avoid campgrounds if possible.


Long Lake
The water there will be really high then. I have been through there that early and it can get pretty hairy with the high water n currents! This early in the season I would fish Long lake itself where the brooks come into it and the upper end where the river comes in. Many of the ponds in that area will still be iced over till middle May. Lots of leanto’s to use n not too busy then. LOL you better bring your longjohns! We are still gettin snow! Traveler