Raquette River

I plan to paddle from Long Lake down to Tupper and continue Raquette River below Piercefield to Carry Falls reservoir starting tomorrow. Does anyone have experience with the Raquette River below Piercefield?

Alternative trip is Bog River - Oswegatchie down to Cranberry Lake. But I have done this a few times.

Raquette below Piercefield
The river does have several drops in the distance between the dam and Carry Falls Res. I have seen the 2 closest (Jamestown & Moody?) to the reservior and IMO they are for white water boats only. There is a portage path around both on river left.

I strongly recommend reading up on this stretch - the Adirondack North Flow (Paul Jamison) is the definitive book.

Carry Falls Res. is not spectacular and has numerous fishing boats (including to the base of Jamestown Falls). I was there 2 years ago at this time, and I didn’t make it before the black flies came out. I camped out on Indian Lake this past weekend (5/7-9) and had NO BUGS!

If you have extra time to explore, you can hike & then paddle up the Jordan River from mid-way up the reservoir. See the same book for more info. You can use a portage cart on it.