Rare Sawyer

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I recently acquired what I think is a pretty rare Sawyer Canoe. It is 18'6" long, 30" wide at the gunnels, 11 1/2" deep at the center, 14-15" at the ends. It also has a note epoxied right into the hull by the bow seat that states,"Special, Ultra light, competition edition,Sawyer Canoe that is not covered by the standard warranty, and then it's signed. The canoe is in exellent condition, I will try to post some pictures, but any info would help. I have been told it might be a very rare Legend Model. It also has Woodstream decals on it, I was also told this was a sponsor.
Thanks For the help

Try to contact
a guy on this site that goes by the name “Sawyer George”. Search the archive.

George is very nice guy and would likely have some reputable information regarding your mystery sawyer hull.


Sawyer George
Thanks, I will give it a shot

Is this the canoe they called the “Charger”?

If so you have a gem.

Thread about the Charger here
may not be so rare.

Scroll down to see CEW’s response.

S rails, Whale Tail

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A couple of the Sawyer Champs variations and the DY designed Legend has S curved rails and "Whale Tails", i.e. extreme retrocee at the stern.

Does your hull have either of these design features?

Sawyer serial numbers were consequitive with no key for model, but the last two digits should ID the year it as built, which will be helpful.

Rare Sawyer

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The number etched into the gunnels is 406-748-673, This canoe may have been made by Woodstream for Sawyer, but the note epoxied into the hull say's it's a Sawyer, It sounds alot like a Champion, but not for recreational use? The ends are straight, the gunnels are not "S" shaped, they appear to be oval

Champ 1

Only a beneficent deity would know what the 9 digit number means, but:

It’s an early comp. boat, maybe made in 73.

It isn’t a pro boat because it isn’t flared.

Without Whale Tail or S rails it isn’t a Champ !! or Legend.

Therefore, it’s probably a Champ 1.