Rash guard?

Just wondering…

I need something to wear under my wetsuit to protect my skin (have gotten nasty rashes in the past, kayaking on cold water in warm weather). I see clothing advertised as “rash guard”, but it always seems to be very expensive. So, is there a cheaper alternative? Would a thin layer of polypro work? How about silk? Any suggestions? (Yeah, I know: A drysuit. Maybe next year when my newest boat and the car are paid off!)

?Rash Guard
There are several Women’s Bombergear Rash Guards on eBay for a reasonable price - SS and LS. Bombergear went our of business a couple of years ago, but one of the principals is selling the leftover inventory on eBay. Lots of great stuff still available.


I’ve tried them all
and the only thing that works for me is wool. Light merino wool like Ibex or Icebreaker or Smartwool.

Expensive but it really lasts.

If you don’t want to go with wool, try Glide before you start paddling and reapply as needed. It works well. http://www.bodyglide.com/


My wife makes most of my paddling…

She made me some rash guards out of some stuff

the name(s) of which escapes me.

Of course to say that she is a gifted seamstress

is a viciously cruel understatement.

If you are interested, shoot me some email and

I’ll see if she will fill you in.

NRS or Surf Shops $29
NRS has a sale on for rashguards for $29, if you check out skate or surf shops like K-5 you can sometimes find them for $20 plus shipping for you. I would say the NRS rashguards would be worth the money because you can use them as a top layer when it’s warmer.


I commonly wear polypro under my wetsuit. Works fine. And being my wetsuit is a farmer john, the long sleeve of the polypro makes a big difference with arm warmth and sun protection.


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great prices. I bought a non-clingy rashguard from them last year. - shortsleeve O'Neil shirt, $32.

It doesn't have the dumb graphic on the shoulder they show in the picture.


If you get the cheap ones…
You might also consider wearing them inside out if the seams are not flat and you are prone to rashes and what not.

If you have a Costco’s or a Sam’s nearby, they frequently have some inexpensive water clothing at the beginning of spring.

$20 good stuff
Saw these while looking for something else …


Scroll down to the bottom for deals for women …