Rash Guards: How Tight ? ;-)

I’m a size “Large” according to all sizing guides, but have bought XL and even XXL, because retailers always seem to be out of stock in “Large”.

These larger sizes still fit REAL tight, with just a hint of bagginess at the elbows.

Question: Am I losing anything by wearing a size or two larger? Do they need to be ultra skin tight to be more effective? (2 brands for reference: XL HydroSilk and my XXL Body Glove is super skin tight also)

Seems like a silly question, but I’m getting 2 more, and I wanted to know how these things usually run size-wise. Is Ultra Tight better for some reason?


Rash guard
They should be snug. Vaughn Fulton

Depends on use
Under a wetsuit - snug might be best. I wear as a paddling shirt alone, and like the Aussie style loose fit “swim shirts”.

I’d have to have an XXXXXXXXL for it to be loose!! :slight_smile:

Seriously, I’m only 5’10" and 175, but those things are tight, even at XL… (Comfy though!!)

I feel your pain
I just picked up a size Large NRS HydroSilk ss, and came to the realization that I need a lot more exercise :-0

comfy…that is all that matters
i am now wearing a hooded rash guard for touring…love it…upf 50…it is white and see through when wet but i have not gotten ANY sunburn through it…have a couple and my wife has one now too…when not in the water with a pfd there is a kangaroo pocket for comfort too…


you cannot order these direct fromteh website yet…have to call them…it is Corran Addisons shop in Canada…tell him i sent ya!

another trick for any rash guard is:

turn it inside out…if a rashie is too tight (or not made great) the seams might rub and chafe…just put it on inside out to make it more comfy…

ANY rash guard will work and do the same thing…hit up a surf shop where you can try them on…also usually the surf shop ones are a wee bit cheaper…


me too
According to the size charts I’m right in the middle of the size L range. Yet, the shirts are all over the place in terms of fit. I just ordered 3 from NRS . One was just about right, one was very tight (exchanging it to XL) and one was so small it wouldn’t even fit over my shoulders. I’ve had cases where I needed a M, L, or XL. You just have to try them on.


I switched to Under Armor.
Those “rash guards” are very pricy. I use an Under Armor shirt and like it better. Inside out is a must.

Ordered medium, received XL.
Decided to keep the XL because it fits just a little loose, like I expected the meium to. I’m glad that they sent the wrong size.

I’ve found that
for the quick-dry shirts, if they’re tighter, they dry quicker.

NRS has some quality control issues…
My “Large” just came in…

It’s larger than the XL that I was trying to replace…

I think they just slap any tag on them, and assume it will “stretch” to fit…

I’ve come to like the tighter fit better, as it can’t trap any water between my skin and the material, and it helps to hold my gut in… :slight_smile: