Okay, this really isn’t about gear, but a question related to paddling.

I’ve paddled for a number of years. I paddle year around here in SC and beyond when the opportunity is there. This past weekend, I did a great three-day trip on the N Edisto River. After the first day, I noticed some pain under my arms. I had developed a rash. Of course it just got worse. I was wearing a polypro shirt under a farmer john wetsuit. The wetsuit fits tight (which it should), but felt very good on the water. The suit didn’t rub up against my underarms, so I’m wondering what could have caused the rash, how can I prevent it and what suggestions do you have on treating it.



It happens depending on material

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All I can say is "experiment" a little with fabrics
and sizing of the shirts for your physique.
Using your whole body, torso rotation, paddle swing, etc.
means the repetitive motion "may" cause grief at times.

I'm a fan of NRS gear - especially closeouts

Immersion research also has closeout apparel

Treatment might involve over the counter hydrocortizone

Prevention - something like "Chamois Glide"
used by road cyclists for saddle sores on butt

body glide
Never leave home without it.


Thanks for the replies!

rash triage
Honestly, rashes are tough even for a doctor to diagnose (my sweetie is an ER doc and sees a lot of them). Could have been anything from contact dermatitis from detergent left in the polypro, a reaction to antiperspirant chemicals, an insect bite or even an eruption of herpes zoster (alos called shingles, which can happen to anyone who had chicken pox as a kid.)

Lubricant would help only if it was a chafing rash. Personally, I wear my polypro underwear and other base layers inside out because I have had some chafing issues with the seams, especially the thread in the overcast stitching.

I used to get them all the time from
my neoprene Farmer John and neo jacket. I started wearing a thin, nylon, stretchy unitard next to my skin and solved the problem.

Check into Hydropel.

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It is expensive as all hell, but worth it. It is loaded with dimethicone, (30%) and body glide is good but has less.

Jack L

I agree
I’ve gotten the underarm rash too. I started wearing a rash guard and it’s solved the problem.

Body Glide worked for me!