Rauhine & other NZ makes - US Dealers?

Owner info. Thinking about aomething like and Ocean X…

Ruahine North American distributor.
The distributor for Ruahine is Simon River Sports http://www.simonriversports.com/english/products/kayaks/oceanx.html

I had a brief test paddle of their F1 a few years ago on flatwater and without a wing paddle. It seemed considerably more stable than a sprint K1.

The only other NZ multisport kayak I’ve paddled is an Excalibur which was more stable again but with a corresponding increase in drag.

Ocean X
I have a OceanX but have only paddled it a few times.

I think that it is a well made boat and is very fast.

I would rate it as fast if not faster than a EFT.

I believe that it is much more stable than the Eft.

The thing I don`t like is the small cockpit there is plenty of leg room once you get in but with the small opening its hard to get my old stiff knee in and out.

I really like the boat and may keep it a while, it is a real good looking boat ,mine is the red ,white and blue one on the web site.

Sounds good
I’d consider EFT level stability to be more than adequate, and cockpit description sounds like it would be good for me. I like small/ocean cockpits -but want more leg action.