Rav 4 and Old Town Tripper 172


We’re looking into buying one of the older RAV 4’s for hauling our Old Town Tripper 172 around. My only concern is that the trunk won’t open while the canoe is on top because it opens sideways. Has anyone tried this combination or a similar one and has lived to tell how it works out? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help as always.

We have a 2012 Rav4
and its a bonus that the door swings open sideways as it doesn’t affect our kayaks on top. It does cause trouble opening if we are pulling a trailer with kayaks though.

How Old?
We had a '97 and had no problems opening the door with a canoe on top. It was a good vehicle. When we were ready for a new one, they changed the body style and I didn’t like the new style. Here’s a pic with it with boat on top (Souris Quetico 16).


3rd generation of Rav4
The side swinging rear door on the third generation (2006-20012) is a mixed blessing.

With kayaks on top (hull down) one can open the door to load or unload without the door hitting the kayaks.

With canoes on top, loaded gunnels down, the rear door hits the canoes.

In countries where drivers drive on the left side of the road, the door swings out of your way when parking curbside. Toyota (and older Honda) didn’t change the door hinges and latch to the opposite side when they redesigned the vehicles for the North American market, even while they did the much harder modification of changing the driver position to the other side.

I loved my 2007 Rav4 V-6 (destroyed in deer strike) even while I hated the wrong sided rear door. Toyota has finally joined the rest of the automative world with the 2013 Rav4 featuring a lift rear door. It is very non-partisan in that it hits either canoes or Kayaks loaded on top.


I like the side swing door
On my 2009 Rav4. Does not impede the kayaks or my Sawyer Summersong.

Tell me you’re not going to drop the

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idea because the trunk won't open....y/n? Most lifting trunk doors produce the same situation.
Use your rear doors and more importantly, pack(ie plan) for this situation...

Thank you for the insight!
Very helpful!

That looks pretty good.

Rav4 wrong -way door swing

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Hey Andy,

Mostly agree with of your love of the Rav4 generation 4.3 V-6, but never shared your acceptance of the wrong-way door swing. Would have worked fine if we drove on the same side of the road as the Japanese.

Don't you find walking around it tedious when parked curbside and loading and unloading stuff?

Ops I forgot, there are no curbs in NJ, after all they allow FE to reside there.