RAV4 Factory Racks?

Anyone using the factory racks on a RAV4 to haul a couple kayaks?

I am thinking of getting a RAV4. The racks are suposedly rated at 150#. They sound like they would be OK, but I am used to the really bombproof setup on my Toyota Truck with the SnugTop campershell, and the TracRac on the Chevy pickup

I bought a Rav-4 in Feb 2010 with factory racks and have hauled 2 kayaks around. I really like the racks.

Kim, I Had a '97

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I modified my Factory rack with two 1x4's and hauled canoes for a year or so. I finally broke down and bought my Thule when I snapped the front 1x4 chasing a coyote on the farm with boat on the roof. Hit a bump I forgot about and played "Dukes of Hazard" (LOL)! Put a dent in the roof, but no other harm done. I think you would be fine. Here's an old pic of the RAV4 with the rack if you look closely. Terry

Got one!
Use the factory rails to attach my yakima bars to.


I’m quite pleased with the Rav4. Mine has the V-6 and has plenty of power. I average overall around 21 MPG. Long highway trips, as much as 28 MPG.

a 2010 out there right now with a kayak and a Thule box on top of the factory racks right now. Rack is nice; easily adjustable with a good spread range.

Thanks, All!
I have been driving my Toy truck for 15 years and 250,000 miles but there does come a time…