Ravenspring Drysoots?

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Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Years ago ah' hear'd much about de British made Ravenspring drysuits.


Fro' wat some folks said at dat time dems were purty good, custom made an' cheaper too. Any o' ye folks have any opinions about dem as of late? How do dems compare wit Kokatat, Palm, NRS, etc.?


I can’t compare 'em, but I own one
and it works just fine.

Ravenspring drysuits
I had a ravenspring drysuit for about 6 years. This spring I was noticing some leakage, and replaced the seals. However the leakage continued. I examined the inside of the suit and it was delaminating. The inside waterproof coating was coming off of the fabric, in quite a few places. The company recommended a product to waterproof those areas, but I gave the suit and the product to my son and bought a kokatat suit. I have been much happier with the kokatat, as the fabric is more comfortable, and it stays drier inside. If I had it to do over again, I would have bought the kokatat to start with, as in the long run it probably would have been cheaper as well. The Ravenspring company is a great company and wonderful to deal with.


I would not buy anything that is a 2 layer fabric, it should be three layers. If you buy a breathable 2 layer fabric from someone (like Seattle Fabrics) they will tell you to sew a liner material to it. The three layer fabrics seem to stand up much better.