raw cockpit edge

I have a roto-molded Zephyr with a very rough cut edge around the cockpit opening. It looks like the cut line doesn’t match the cut line molded into the hull. Maybe someone did a rough cut around the cockpit opening when the boat came out of the mold and neglected to go back and clean up the cut.

The raw edge makes carrying the boat on my should very uncomfortable and yesterday the raw edge took a few layers of skin off my shin and drew blood during a wet exit.

I want finish that raw edge somehow. Any suggestions on the best way to it?


Edge trim

Lots of options.
I would cut the highest roughness with careful sanding. A carefully sharpened and set spokeshave might do the rest. Or just a knife if you’re good. I’ve used safety razors on boat surfaces, but the blades break easily. I had a “tacking iron” surplused from someone’s darkroom that was just hot enough to smooth down nubbly plastic.

Don’t spend anything, just try what you have, carefully, and see what works.

2nd that
Painter’s scraper might work as well

I used regular sandpaper on all edges of both FG and plastic boats to minimize loss of skin.

I also gave all exposed screws sandpaper treatment as well.

Skeg knob was protruding a bit too much for my taste, took quite a bit off using a coarse rasp.

BTW, when an extended shoulder carry is anticipated I like to prop something between my shoulder and coaming, be it a specifically cut piece of foam, or just a plain sponge.

I have sanded a coaming and finished it off with a strip of neoprene stuck on with two-sided tape. To my surprise that has lasted a couple of years. Very comfortable.

I think you might be able to buy neoprene at a diving shop. My mukluks came with a large extra sheet of neoprene.