Raw neoprene on minicel = STICKY

Weird bit of advice here. I recently bought what is probably a swimmer’s full wetsuit. It has nylon fabric facing on the inside but is plain rubbery neoprene on the outside. The fit is really good and it’s stretchier than most neoprene I’ve looked at or worn.

BUT I found out today that it sticks too readily to minicel. I’m using a foam CLC seat and I added thin minicel foam under the thigh braces. Squeakysqueaky (which is tolerable), and STICKY (which is not so hot).

Did not have this problem with a fabric-topped seat and thigh braces, or when using a standard neoprene wetsuit with the above set-up. But the raw neoprene-on-minicel wants to stick together (like PVC drybags).

Have noticed that. Actually my old
Patagonia neoprene short, rubbery side out, stick better to just about any surface, but on minicell, it’s like millions of tiny teeth engaging one another.

I guess you could put some surface on the minicell so it isn’t as grabby.