Raystown 2014

Yeah I know it’s early about Raystown. I need to know ASAP if there is still interest. I have to let work know 30 days ahead of time for vacation time. Another problem is my boss may want same week off. Since He is boss and I am senior employee in the department its a drag race to apply for the week off. Company policy,both of us can not be off. If I get my request in first I can go,if not I loose out. Last few years attendance has dwindled off and just need to know if enough interest to make it worth coming and to get off for it. Thanks!


Put in for the time off
Do you have to take the time if you put in for it? You could always get the time and then give it back if Raystown doesn’t come off.

I know what you mean about RT dying off. Not too many made it last year. But it was still special to those that went.

I’m interested in going if it comes off. Raystown is a neat place to paddle, but what really made it special was the people. No people, I’m not so interested.


Yes Chip with 30 days notice required I have to take the week off, Raystown or not. I also loose the vacation time if not taken by the end of the year.Hence the post.


I’ve never attended but might - any set dates on the gathering?

Raystown Dates…
Has been second week of October. Most arrive the Wednesday {8th} and depart Sunday{12th}. Some stay the whole week. No reservations needed for campsites then. Just pick a site and pay ranger when station is open. Camp loop we stay is Senonia loop which has about 25 water edge sites.


Thank you…
that is helpful. Never did attend while I was working, but retirement has changed the decision equation. The coefficient of time expended is much less.

Back again,anyone going??
What’s up, Raystown dead? No original members posting,several I did hear from aren’t going.


Conflicts - will not attend

Raystown Rendezvou
Is the Raystown event on or off this year have always wanted to go and was hoping to head up for Friday and Saturday

probably off
With the second full weekend of October nearly upon us, and no one stating that they will definitely be there, I would assume it is off, unless you have heard otherwise.

It looks as if the Raystown event has either passed into history, or returned to being a very small gathering. I guess I am a little nostalgic, but it makes me a bit sad. I was only able to attend Raystown a few times. Ironically, when I lived in Pennsylvania I was seldom able to get more that a couple of days in a row off per year, and when I did I wanted to go whitewater boating in the South. After I moved back to the Midwest, it just became too long a drive to attend regularly.

Raystown was a neat event because of the people one met there. I met folks I probably would not have otherwise, and some attendees I will likely not see again. It was also a good place to see and paddle a wide variety of boats.

As a canoe venue, Raystown Lake had some limitations. It is a big lake and when the wind came up it was sometimes more kayak than canoe friendly. And even though motorized boat traffic had largely tapered off by mid October, it could still be an issue sometimes. The camp ground was really more set up for RVs than tent campers, and was more expensive than some liked. But it was a pretty cool spectacle while it lasted, and I wish I had attended more often.

So what happened, any pictures?