Raystown 2015??

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Yes folks it's getting near that time of year again. My employer requires 30 days notice for any paid time off. In 2014 after 15 years of Raystown it may have finally died. Just checking if any interest for 2015. Typically Raystown was held the second full week of October after Columbus day. This October's calendar is different and could be held the first full week Before Columbus day. Any interest, I need to know to get my time scheduled.

13 year veteran, billinpa

Back to the begining…

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when it all started there were only mabe (guessing)
8-12 who made it. not sure but I think I made it the
2nd year but who knows some others might remember
better then I. calling Wesd, windwalker ,Mcwood
Indy(rip) topher,Randy,DaveC2g,Billinpa, I would still like to go
If we can get a few interested, being a musician less is more
but more is better!
raystown's beautiful in the fall
I'm in !!

Can’t do it this year
With regrets I’m missing the annual Umbagog trip for the second year! Last year Italy, this year England and Germany. Ask again next year for Raystown and I can probably make it and the Umbagog trip.

Sorry Bill in PA. Not going to happen
for me this year. Could you post the link associated, at least I can get the T shirt.

Sorry Bill
I won’t be making it this year… Going to visit the ailing parents before rigormortis sets in…