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I have a canoe seat that needs to be recaned. Can anyone recommend a craftsperson/outfit where I can send the seat? Price information?

Don’t know if Mohawk is still selling
accessories, but you can get complete new cane seats from them, as well as most canoe dealers. The cane, if its the sheet type of material, can be bought at some upholstery supply houses. Its not anymore difficult to recane than to rescreen a window, mainly its about getting the right tension of the cane material. Be sure, if you find a supplier and want to do it yourself, to take along the strip that holds the cane in place as there is more than one size. Another alternative is to find an upholstery shop to do the job for you.

I tried it once.

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It is easier to just buy a new seat. Later I found webbed seats that last about forever so I got them.

After that I saw a canoe seat that was drilled and the seat had nylon cord in a woven pattern. I tried that and it worked great! No more caned seats for me. I've since seen an expensive boat that use leather instead of nylon cord. It looked nice but wasn't more comfortable and I think it wouldn't last as long as the nylon cord.

Here's a good source for seats and stuff:

Easy to do
If the seat has the pre-woven cane you can probably do it yourself in half an hour. Instructions and materials can be found easily on-line.

If it is hand woven, it is fun to learn, but takes about 4 to 8 hours to hand weave a seat.

or check the yellow pages for a local chair caner.

Of course, a couple of pieces of plywood
will work too…then get some stadium chairs from Wally World for $9. Not suggesting you do it, but just throwing out an inexpensive way to get seating.

Furniture repair shop…
As wccanoe mentioned, replacing pre-woven cane is a fairly simple process. If you are a little overwhelmed by it, try a furniture repair shop, most of them have experience in replacing cane. I think cane looks dramtically better than web, it breathes better to keep your bottom cool, and it dries almost instantly when wet.

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How to recane with prewoven material:

  1. Clean old cane, spline and glue from seat groove. This is the hardest part. A small chisel will help. If you are refinishing the seat, a heat gun will remove varnish, and glue from the seat. It will burn fingers nicely too.

  2. Ease inside edges of the groove with sandpaper. Cut cane so the sheet is about 1 inch longer than the seat “field”. Soak prewoven cane, and the spline, in warm water for about 20 mins. to half an hour.

  3. Square the cane sheet over the seat field. Remove cane strands that are parallel to and fall within the groove. Cut 4, 1-inch long pieces of spline. Tap one piece into the groove in the middle of each side of the seat to hold the cane over the field, stretching the wet cane as you go.

  4. Use a wooden wedge to gently push the cane into the groove. Work all the way around the seat.

  5. Apply woodworkers glue to the cane in the groove.

  6. Push new spline into the groove working around the seat. Remove the small pieces of spline holding the field as you move around the seat. Wipe off excess glue. Let dry. Trim excess cane outside the groove.

  7. Sit on seat.