re-glue solo W.W. Canoe Outfitting

Can anyone help me with this? The outfitting in my recently bought mad river outrage has started to come loose. Both knee pads were previously glued to the floor are out and the pedestal is getting loose as well. I realize the inside of hull must be clean, but what is preferred method for cleaning bottom of knee pads and pedestal before re-gluing. Is this possible, or do I need to buy new pedestal and knee pads. Thanks

Don’t let this happen to you
I just had to add my agreement to OC1’s comment on letting the contact cement dry first. My friend installed D-rings and knee pads in his royalex boat without allowing the glue to dry. They adhered alright but left the bottom of the boat looking like it had been melted. Really ugly and no doubt will affect any resale.

My piece and stick knee pads also came up and I had to reglue them. I sanded the spots, allowed the glue to “haze over” per the directions before putting the pieces together and had great results.

Good luck.

Thanks E-body
Finally found some Weldwood and re-glued saddle today. Will keep fingers crossed!

Thanks again for all the help.