re-introduction and sea lion question

Hey all, just wanted to re-introduce myself. It has been a couple of years since I last posted. I used to used post under the name “treehugger”. Anyways, work kept me from paddling and I sold my three boats a while back. Couple of months ago I decided it was time to paddle again. I do love the water. I started to search for new and used boats. Being a teacher means used=cheaper=better. long story short, my wife is driving out to Padre Island and spots a yak on the side of the road and gives me a call. I drove out after work and the boat turns out to be an Aquaterra Sea Lion (perception). It also came with spray skirt, paddle, pfd, and straps. all for $400. The boat is in good shape. normal scratches…etc.

Can anyone tell me the handling characteristics of the sea lion? Yes, I bought without trying.

Also, are parts still available for the sea lion? Stuff like neoprene hatch covers (under the plastic covers) and small stuff like that. Sorry for the long post—its good to be back.


good boat
i’ve got a kevlar sea lion (probably the first kevlar sea lion in the USA).

The Sea Lion was and is a do everything boat, and not great at anything except storage and stability. It can be rolled. Mine has a rudder and the storage volume is one reason outfitters loved the boat…it is voluminous and with rudder so easy to store everything, luxury items especially. It will lean into a turn but surprisingly does not track well unless the rudder is deployed, but can turn very very well for a boat of its length. The Sea Lion design is dated but not that dated depending on what your intentions are. If you want a surf boat forget it. If you want aboat for Greenland rolls forget it. If you want a boat for kayak camping, photograpy, fishing, carrying lots of camping gear, then jump on it. Tonight at midnight I paddled the Eggemmoggin, yesterday the Looksha II, and tomorow it will be the Sea Lion. If it is in good shape as you say, and for 400 dollars, you cant go wrong…if you are dissatisfied noting my comments above, then I will buy it from you provided it is not yellow :slight_smile:

Good buy!!
I picked up a used Sea Lion in Blue plastic for $400.00 - - no spray skirt, but a farmer john wet suit and paddles.

I’m very Newbie - (4 hours total and hope to get out this weekend) and I took too it like it was natural. My first time out I got into some pretty heavy wind on an upground Resevoir. Had some 12" to 16" chop waves (and no spray shirt)but it went right on track no problem. Didn’t even drop the rudder

As for parts - - good question. I think I need to replace a hatch cover (not the blue plastic) and some deck rigging as it seems a bit goofy to me.

Now I just need to get out more - I’ve got no “Skills” as this forum has indicated to me from my reading of it

sorry medicineman
it is yellow. I feel like I have a giant banana on top of my van. I did a quick search for stuff like neoprene hatch covers and came up empty. I did find a few places that custom make them from a tracing of the hatch. About $30-35 bucks a pop. I will get her on the water soon. Now I just need to get the sea lion a friend. Maybe a CD Sirroco. Thanks for the replies.


with Perception…The Eclipse is the re-make of the old Aquaterra Sea Lion…should use the same neoprene parts. Deck rigging is just buying bungie and replacing old with new…cover straps can be bought at any store that carries nylon web strabs as accessory straps for backpackers. Sea Lion is the original plastic all around camping boat. forrunner of many boats on the markett today

Best Wishes


yep and yep
great boat for $400. it is a do-all boat. my Pop had one for years and was very happy. It does maneuver nicely (read- doesn’t track) so the rudder’s nice for abeam/aft winds.

the neo hatch covers should be able to find at a good perception dealer as they’re close enough to what’s being made today. or $35 is reasonable.

good luck


buying without trying?
Don’t fret about it.

Buying without trying means you are N-O-R-M-A-L.