Re-learning to roll

new guy here and here is my life story, started kayaking back in the mid-1970’s. I started with a small locally built (Santa Barbara) surf kayak and met a guy who paddled a Anas Acuta, one of the first ones with no hatches or bulkheads and we paddled a lot for a few years. As he got older I purchased his Anas and promptly sank it because I was young and stupid and went out with no float bags or spray skirt, that is ok, I am also a scuba diver and it was only 15ft.-20ft. of water, so I recovered it and I was a little older and wiser at the end of that day. In the mid-1980’s I got stuck on a work related trip in Atlanta for 3 weeks and I accidentally found a kayak place on the Chattahoochee river that was doing white water classes, first day of course was rolling and recovery and I learned how to roll, I had never done a roll in 10 years of kayaking. When I came home I found the Anas is a joy to roll, after I got a sprayskirt for it. I paddled exclusively out on the ocean. Then a kid came and adult life got in the way of kayaking. I think my last time on the water was about 10 years ago in Monterey Bay for a last ride in the Anas before selling it and have not rolled in 20+ years. I mention all this so you kind of know my history.

I now have a new boat, a Trak and I am older and wiser, I don’t want to go out unprepared anymore, I am also not a “flexible” as I used to be, so I want to practice. I have a friend with a pool I am thinking of asking if I can practice but maybe some formal education would be better or should I just try it out ? after all I used to be able to do it quite easily. If formal, I am not aware of anything near Santa Barbara and I was super disappointed with Monterey Bay Kayaks when I went there late last year, they are not the kayak shop they were 20+ years ago with lots of boats, its a t-shirt shop now who might have a few kayaks.

My goal for this boat is ocean of course and my wife and I like to camp so lake kayaking, not kayak camping, just play on nice lakes, we especially love the Bishop area and so many lakes up there are really inviting to a afternoon on a kayak. Any suggestions on local classes ? every place I look at is sit-on-top kayak and no roll classes…sorry, I know long post but I thought the best answer might come if you know my history.

Look at this thread here.

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Great minds think alike. I posted the thread linked above a few weeks ago, and subsequently connected with David Santaniello who now lives in Ventura. He’s out of town on a camping trip for the next while, but will be back I think he said on the 16th. I haven’t had my first session yet (that’s the 19th), but I’ve been impressed with the coursework he’s proposed based on my stated goals and I’m really looking forward to getting going.

He’s willing to instruct in either Ventura or Santa Barbara.

Let me know if you have any interest in doing some practice sessions locally in between instructor sessions. As we both relearn to roll, it might be good to have a spotter.

cool, I will contact him and yes, I would like to meet in between classes if you are willing.

Fantastic. I’m all for it. My wife also paddles, but she’s strictly sit-on-top so she’s not interested in any skills work with me. I’ll PM my contact details.