Re-purposed Tsunami 145

I just finished re-purposing my Tsunami 145. The attached youtube link show the boat with the work partially complete but you’ll get the idea. I wanted a plastic play boat (I have a Sterling Reflection).

It was fun and I got a lot of good plastic welding practice but am I crazy to attempt this? Anyone else try to modify a plastic kayak hull? Any comments?

Any ideas for a name?

The maiden voyage is tomorrow. The link is here:

I can’t view it
(but, sometimes have problems with YouTube, anyway)

Wow! How does it paddle?
Looks interesting, though I can’t tel exactly what you did to it from the video (not clear enough details, though I see the shape change)…

OK, used a different 'puter
Looks like rocker increased at bow…? Can’t tell what else.

More details
I didn’t show a side by side comparison with an un-modified Tsunami but I basically added 2+ inches of rocker on each end. I started the hull modifications after the bulkheads so the cockpit section remains un touched.

I put the modified Tsunami in the water to check for leaks but haven’t paddled it yet. I’ll shoot a video if the performance warrants the effort. If not I’ll chalk it up to great plastic welding practice.

Cool. Keep us posted, please.

I seem to recall
Steve S. (Flatpick) telling a story about putting a Tsunami in an oven to soften it up and then bending it slightly to increase the rocker.

The other thing you could maybe try is flattening the V under the midsection somewhat which should make it more turny.

or maybe it was a Tempest