re : resin repair for poly boats

saw this stuff at a kayak demo show… they had a junk poly kayak and used this to repair small holes in the hull.

if the link doesn’t work …hand type the addy in

Very cool, thanks. NM

Looks like a very cool product, but I wonder how well it sticks to PE Rotomold plastic in the long term.


found it online

Seems expensive but 30 second cure time seems attractive.

Re : roto /poly
Hi phreon …rotomolded boats are usually a “poly” boat …they spray polyethelene beads into a rotating mold @ hi- temps… This is where the "rotomolded " term comes from. They used , I believe, a Perception kayak for the demo …that was a rotomolded boat.

PolyEthylene… I wonder how well it stick sticks to P.E. plastic in the long term. P.E. is notoriously difficult to bond to because of it’s molecular structure. If this stuff actually works and holds up, it’s a breakthrough.