Re-Sealing Fiberglass Bulkheads???


Fist let me admit my complete lack of knowledge of fiberglass boat repair…

I recently noticed that the day hatch on my Avocet was leaking. I believe it is coming through the bulkhead behind the seat.

The bottom of the bulkhead where it meets the hull is sealed sealed with a thick coat of something (not sure what) but it has cracked.

What should I re-seal this spot with?



Must be…
…Valley’s standard (old?) thick coat of resin (likely polyester unless you paid for different) that you’re seeing.

I’ve seen cracks in the resin next to bulkhead, however, this does not mean that water is leaking through there. Can’t see your crack, however, :slight_smile: so hard to say.

Have you done any testing to see if water is leaking into the dayhatch area from the ‘cracked’ location?

A little resin dribbled in the crack might do the trick if the crack is the culprit, or perhaps 3M 5200. Hard to say if you haven’t water tested it and without seeing a pic. Can you post a link to a pic?

There’s lots of folks much more knowledgable than I on this board that I’m sure will have suggestions as well. Good luck.

If it’s on the seam
I had really good and long term luck with 2 part epoxy putty. It’s really easy to work with if you’re uneasy reglassing.


search on this topic–comes up all the time. I like 3M 5200 Fast Dry Marine Sealant.

Q: Please … what does the other side
look like ?

Odd sand or salt showing up ?