re- spraying sea kayak

Would like to undertake a project re- spraying my sea kayak from start to finish would be grateful for any advice on what kind of paint and finishing coats to use would like to have a glitter effect.Would like to hear from anybody who has maybe undertaken such a project themselfs or any usefull web sites regs.

Is it plastic or composite
I did some epoxy repair work on my kevlar kayak which has white gel coat on the hull, and I used high gloss white automotive paint over the repairs, and it has held up fine for the past two years, except for one point on the bottom of the bow where it wore right off on the first beach landing.

I have seen painted plastic boats, and they look like hell.



Besides appearance, is there any
reason to refinish? Is the surface damaged in any way? I assume you’re dealing with a fiberglass or composite boat, because painting a polyethelene boat is not possible.

You’re getting into a big project, and there are a lot of ways it could go wrong.

Glitter effect . . .
very popular on redneck speedboats, also some jet skis. Have never seen it on a kayak.

Why do you want to paint it ?

Check out Rockpools!
Lots of glitter. Best looking boats IMO.

PS Composites has long used glitter
on their kayaks. They also do lots of custom appliques.

done a few boats
Never any glitter though, I generally sand and fair the hell out of them and spray with with marine Awlgrip, hvlp sprayer etc in a boatyard spraybooth I have access to. If the prep work is done right it holds up pretty well.

Yeah, some paints seem as hard and
tough as resin. A couple of my epoxy boats were painted by the maker after they came out of the mold, and the paint has lasted well.

Spraying awlgrip…
…hope ypu’re using an oxygen fed mask.