Re styled cd caribou

Has anyone paddled the re styled caribou? Compare to `older style?

Speed? Wave handling?

Not paddled, but…
Shorter length/waterline, higher deck, softer chines, wider cockpit, rounder hatches… eh… I’m glad I have one of the older ones!

Actually, I heard that the “new” design went back to the manufacturer after a certain high profile retailer tried the boat, and wasn’t satisfied with the thigh brace position…

I too, have been wary of the new 'bou
I’ve wondered as well, about the changes. I have an old '97 Caribou (pre-skeg, even), and if anything, I’d want to narrow the beam, lower the deck both fore and aft, and give it a much smaller cockpit opening! :slight_smile: That’s several basic changes already, but if the hull were changed as well, I’d think it would have to be renamed, as it just wouldn’t be anything close to a Barry Buchanan “Caribou” anymore.


Barry Buchanan…(sp?)
has nothing to do with the boat now as far as I know… hence the changes perhaps? (licensing issues?)