Re-waterproofing dry tops pants etc....

i have worn the latex or rubber coating off the inside of my dry pants, and im wondering if anyone knows of a good product to re waterproof them. There must be some spray on stuff or something.

any help would be apprerciated thanks


Aquaseal Polycoat

Second Aquaseal
Don’t know how it’ll work with pants, but I just redone the rainfly on my 20+ year old tent and it worked very well.

I made a call to Kokatat and they told

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me to spray my drysuit with Scothchguard to bring back the water repellency to my drysuit. Didn't have the effect I was hoping for. So I guess I will try this Aquaseal stuff.

which drysuit was it
does it leak cause I’d like one but want it 100% waterproof for the $