Reader sunglasses.

Any good polarized ones to recommend for paddling?

Great Shades
I have a pair of Costa Del Mar. I’ve had them many years. The lensesand frames are terrific quality. I’d buy again but until I lose these I DON’T HAVE TO!

Try Duluth Trading Company
They have sunglasses (as well as clear) that are polarized and are essentially bifocals. Normal vision on top, with a section at the bottom for correction. If all you need is reading correction, this mean you don’t have to take glasses on and off all day.

You may need to take them off when walking around on rocks if the adjustment is on the higher end.

Celia, that is what I need.
Looking for recommendations on brands or places to buy.

try LL Bean
we have some and they are great…not polarized though…but they replace if anything happens to them.

Safety Glasses
They are not polarized but they have good optical quality, you can get them with bi-focals, you can get a number of colors, they are cheep. For about 8 bucks you can get a pair of glasses that work well and won’t break your heart when you sit on them or loose them over the side. If you do drop them over the side, you pull out one of the backup pairs that you bought and put them on. Check for the local Safety Supply house in your phone book.

Reader? Are you talking about bifocals
There are some nice polarized clip-ons available.

See Wally world optical.
I got a great pair of reading sunglasses - polarized- that cost very little. They came complete with a small bungee strap.

With such a small investment, there’s not so much to lose if a wave or rollover takes them off your face.

My use for them is to be reading a chart or tying tackle on the water (closeup vision), but having distance vision for paddling.

That URL doesn’t work
Can you post a full link?

Costa Del Mar

I bout a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses last spring in prep for my paddling trip to the glades and keys. I really loved them up until i lost them half way through our first trip in the glades after getting hammered by a thunderstorm. Now I stick to the cheep shades.


Search Polarized

They have the stick on bi focals.

Other glasses look interesting.

Clip ons
Unfortunately I have to use clip ons myself.

Can’t seem to find the bifocals though
Can you point me to one? Regular readers (I saw one of those) don’t work so well in the boat!

My solution to the problem of needing bifocal sunglasses was to get a pair at the local optical shop. Polarized, good bifocal strength and placement, excelent frames, but not cheap! I tried the stickon bifocals, but they come off pretty easily, or at least two pairs of them did. They aren’t inexpensive either.

I do a lot of shallow water paddling, and I really need the polarized lenses to see what’s lurking underneath. They also are wonderful for fishing. Map reading and tying tackle are what I need the bifocal for. For a few years I just used regular polarized lenses and took them off when I needed close up work, putting the reading glasses (not sunglasses on). That’s a real pain.


Got mine at Walmart. Bole. Tinted, polerized, prescription and bifocal. They worked great. Then I got lasiks and the problem is really solved.

Here’s the home page . . .

Sorry Brian

I got my sport bifocals last summer…
You might try inquiring by phone or email; she changes inventory, as listed on her site, but she may be able to get you a pair. Have been doing business with her for years - getting our reading glasses from her. Good service. link

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Here's a link to their selection of readers, including several tinted styles:

Their service is great (I've ordered from them 2 or 3 three times before), as is their pricing. You'll notice that some of the styles are the same as on Deb's site, but MUCH less expensive. The stick-on lenses are half the price. They're also more focused on function than fashion and have lens tints that are more than cosmetic. I just ordered three pairs to try.