Ready to Buy - Some Advice

Well, I have decided to get an NC Kayak. As luck (or maybe not) will have it, they have the model I would prefer with some obvious blems in the paint. Otherwise it is perfect. It is their LT version of the kayak priced in a way which would now be affordable to me if I ignore the blems. Otherwise, I would get the heavier version in perfect condition. So, will my desire to get the “better boat” because of my budget be offset by the constant reminder that I do not have the perfect color scheme haunt me?

It’s still not to late to get a canoe instead!

Otherwise, I’d get the lighter boat with the blems.

Battle scars
are honorable.

Where I paddle, scarring is inevitable.

I used to build theater sets- the man who taught me used to say “On a galloping horse at twenty yards, you can’t tell the difference.”

So my vote is better boat instead of pretty boat. But then, I will drive car with a dent and not care unless its my wife’s car.

Well, I called Ray at Water Walker up and told him about the funny looking NC kayak… Well, to make a long story short, he sold me his demo LT model instead. So, I am getting a beautiful light green one that looks like this:

That’s a “sweet” boat
It looks like fruit, but I like it.