Ready to rig for fishing!

I bought a kayak last year, then the wife wanted a kayak, then one of the kids wanted a kayak, now another kid wants to get into it! So for the 4th kayak, I thought it’d be nice to get something that would be easier to fish out of. The local outfitter had a Tarpon 140 at 25% off…bingo!

First thing I gotta do is get something for the bottom seat…any suggestions? I plan to fabricate a bar mount system forward, and either a couple of flush-mount holders to the rear, or a milk crate setup.

Does anyone know what the 2 screws on the right rear are for?


With flush mounts, you tend to get water
on your reels from waves, a problem if you fish salt. the flush mounts here are those that are big enough to put the rod butt into. If I were mounting rodholders on a Tarpon, I’d intstall either Scotty’s or Ram’s with their flush mount system. Basically, there is a mount that you place your rod holder into . They allow for adnustment of your rods to the angle you want, withing limits.

Take it out a few times
While you’re out and think, “Gee, it sure would be convenient to have __________”, remember whatever that is when you get home and then do it. If it doesn’t work out, plug the holes with something and do it differently.

On my primary fishing kayak I have two rod-holders behind the cockpit (obviously, it’s a SinK), plus deck rigging fore and aft of the cockpit. I keep two Plano 3600’s and a fanny pack loaded with stuff on the front deck under the rigging, a soft cooler with extra soft plastics and lunch on the rear deck rigging. I usually have a spare rod/reel combo inside, plus my bilge sponge and bilge pump. It works for me. It’s a bit heavy for some folks, a bit too light for others.

Everything on my SOT is removeable. I have a Surf to Summit Fisherman’s seat to hold rods and my butt, and put all the tackle in a backpack secured by running some straps through the shoulder straps on the backpack. A large soft cooler loaded with drinks and food is behind the seat. This rig is for easy going trips.

There are some ideas of what I’ve done. What makes you comfortable is entirely up to you. Do what works. Remove what doesn’t.

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And I prefer my rods mounted in front of
me. I don’t troll, but do drift. My preferred way to drift is backwards so I can watch my rods. I bought my kayak back in the late winter and it took until the last three weeks for me finally to place both of my Scotty’s. And, this was not my first fishing kayak. In your case, since its an SOT, why not mount some pvc on a milk crate for rod holders until you decide where you want them placed?

I bought 3 Scotty’s today…mounted one centered up front, and I intend to mount some tubes to my crate for the rear for the time being. One in each corner, so I’ll have a net holder, gaff holder, and 2 extra rod holders. It’ll be fun experimenting.

You might want to talk to your dealer or
Wilderness Systems about some spare plastic to match the kayak, experimenting can leave holes. One friend of mine tapes his stuff down with duct tape, takes the kayak out on the water, and checks it out to make sure the location is ok. I’m a driller.