Real questions for Ayornamut

Instead of the usual banter and tossing crap in one another’s faces, this is a real honest-to-goodness question.

George Allen’s latest campaign e-mail says that Tim Kaine’s all buddy buddy with radical environmentalists, but when I think back on Governor Kaine’s administration he basically raped the environmental programs that were working for the state, darned near eliminated the DEQ, and reduced VDGIF enforcement to dangerous levels, then refused to even talk about the Chesapeake Bay initiative. Is my memory completely gone? Wasn’t Governor Kaine pretty much an environmental disaster looking for a place to happen? Allen wasn’t great for the environment, but he wasn’t a concentrated cluster foxtrot either as I recall.

Tell me my memory’s not completely gone. Or, tell me it is if so. But this is bugging me.

I tried to find the budgets for them on line but did not meet with success.

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This was supposed to be on B&B. I now return you to the regularly scheduled fishing.

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