Real surf shot

check out the photo of the week.

now this is surfin’


That’s An Awesome
plunging closeout. Would have been challenging even in a fast, short surf boat. Personally I would ride and bust off the lip of a wave like that for a quick exit before it slam dunks me… I would have love to see the photos of how you folks “surf” that break with a long boat. Yikes!


Check out the other forum. Someone already spotted the pic and started a thread.


thanks Rex
I sometimes ‘forget’ to check the other lists. too buzy!!!


well I think all that trouble could have
been avoided if he had known the ancient inuit technique of grab your ankles and kiss your arse goodbye.

LOL! Actually…

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Steve, I was wondering whether your buddy punched through or not? From the look of his position, the person in the curl was more likely heading out rather than "surfin'" in since he wasn't in a lean or a brace/rudder postion. I hope he had some speed going, leaned forward and speared with his paddle right after you snapped the pic... Otherwise, it must have been ugly afterwards. :D


Surfing In
From what I understand from Steve is that Russ was surfing in at the time. There is a cliff to the left outside of the photo that creates relfecting waves. These reflecting waves create a zipper affect when meeting the incoming swell and magnifiy the upgrowth of the wave, sometimes dramatically as seen in the photo. Russ just happened to be in that dreaded spot when it peaked just behind him. I was told that the wave broke right on top of him driving him and the kayak straight down. He surfaced upright and came in without any further problems.


Here’s “Best Long Boat” Surfer…

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I have ever seen, Jayson Bowerman. He had won some prestigous white water comp over Kincaid and Berman couple of months back before SC. Bowerman was competing in a sea kayak in the IC class for giggles. He was on a 6-7' wave, leaning back to keep the bow from pearling, and steering over his shoulders. Of course, he didn't win againt the dedicated surf kayaks but his was an amazing display of boat control with sea kayak on a good wave. :)


Russ is comin’ in!

he knew he was in the wrong spot at the wrong time and tried to get moving fwd. oilwell.

he was pushed down a couple feet, tho never hit the bottom.