Real time App to keep track on paddling trail (Caddo Lake State Park area)

I am looking for an app that will use GPS to track where we are while paddling in the Caddo Lake State Park area. I have printed out maps of some of the paddling trails in the Caddo Lake/Bayou area but would like to have a way using my Android phone to know where we are compared to the trails. I have apps that will do this with trails in State Parks and other places but haven’t found a way to do this on the water.

Would love some help finding something if you know of a way.

Thank you!

I’ve used a app called “Topomaps” with my iPhone. Uses gps to show your location on top of what looks a lot like a google earth map. Doesn’t require cell service but the cell service is how the map loads. You can load it ahead of time if you’re going to be in a dead area. I like it because I can pull it up anytime on a float and tell right where I am on the water. It also tracks your distance and time. Not sure it it is for Android or not. It was a free app and pretty useful so far. Might be what you’re looking for.

Yes, sounds like it. I will check and see if it is available for Android and if so try it out. Thank you so much.

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OK. It is available and i downloaded. It looks helpful. Any tips I should know about to help use it?

Caddo Lake is a great place to paddle! Look into the Caddo Lake WMA canoe and kayak launch

That is what we were planning is to use the WMA launch and go around goat island. We only have 2 full days(not counting the day we arrive) and don’t know if we will just do that area twice or if there is somewhere else we should try?

(We are staying in the state park and would have time to launch from there the day we arrive and paddle for maybe 2 hours.)

Johnsons Ranch is a great place to launch, they also sell the paper map you’ll want. Several trails begin from there. Really using the map and the trail markers keeping track of your whereabouts is fairly easy.!ArNMWZN7wa-AjXJfck3yrHqZvHBh!ArNMWZN7wa-AkiiVlQ-W7VIDVla9

Caddo Lake photos

I’m willing to bet I don’t use the app to its fullest potential. I just open it up when I launch the boat and push start.