Real young hero!

God bless both rescuers.


Good for her. Maybe someone reading this will be inspired to get their swimming level up to the point that they could learn some basic rescue options as well. At the least if a questionable swimmer, get lessons to fix that.

Nice! Great story. One of the lifeguards at our local YMCA is a 16 year old woman with deepwater rescue certification. She’s also a hockey player. If I was in trouble I’d be happy if she was on duty.

That took some strength on her part. A lot of people drown while trying to rescue someone who is drowning. As I’m around a lot of water, I always have a length of rope with 2 biners on it in my truck in case I need to pull someone out or the like. This article got me to thinking and…mebbe I should throw a life preserver cushion behind my seat also. I have extra cushions so can leave one in each vehicle. They’d be good as a throw perserver or can clip on the rope and toss that.
I think I’ll do that this morning.
The rest of the people getting recognized for trying to rescue someone. Some drowned while doing it.

What she did sounds like the test we were given to pass Senior Life Saver , minus the distance.