Reality or ego? (GP vs Euro)

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As reported peviously,I made a kayaking friend a GP.He is a beginner and doesn't have many paddling hours. He paddles a 15' Carolina;I paddle a Voyager canoe with a Euro.When he uses his Euro,I do a fair amount of waiting.With the GP , he stays right with me with seemingly little effort.
Maybe I'm just an extraordinary paddle bulder.
I showed him how to do sweeps with it today. He thought that was cool.

too anecdotal
What kind of Euro does he use? Is it sized properly for him and his paddling style? Is he an arm paddler?

Cause if he’s an arm paddler, a the relatively higher volume blade of the Euro would be much more straining on him than the lower volume higher cadence of the GP.

It’s Two, Two, Two Mints in One!
The GP is better than the Euro


you’re a fantastic paddle builder.

My Ego…

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has me paddling fast with whatever I use, including my tennis racket. That's why I paddle alone... lest reality intrudes.... ;)

If you want to test your theory, have your bud paddle a set course, in similar conditions, with the two different paddles. See if there is a significant difference, if at all.


Reality can bite...

We have paddled the same route

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on the same little lake for a month since he lives there.I like Kudzu's opinion.I'm just tickled that he likes the paddle.

That’s Cool…

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that you carved the guy a paddle (Which I think is VERY nice in deed!). Good to have Rex's high opinion too. :)

My "advice" to newer folks reading is to not confuse opinion with fact. :)


GP Euro
I paddle with a nimber of people with GP’s

they are all quick.

Joy Hecht is very fast, She is slightly younger than me i have to paddle to keep pace.

I kind of like the Euro because I do some rock hopping and have to tow the odd time.

They all have a place.

In a long skinny Greenland boat the GP is at home and can go like stink.

Malcolm Rowe paddles a Greenland all the time and does well, Greg Stamer just went around Newfoundland with one.

My point is they have a place.

Observation is a merciless critique of

It’s all playing on the water and the water doesn’t care. Nice thing you did… he’s happy…what could be better?

The guy lets me keep my boat 10’
from the lake and I can paddle any time I want. A paddle is the least I can do.I’m in better paddling shape than I have been all summer.

Last night, after paddling, I was invited by his wife for hamburgers. My wife was elsewhere, so sure! The hamburgers were plate-sized ribeyes because they were on sale whn she went to the grocery.

Of Course, They "All Have A Place…"
heck, I use pretty much a GP exclusively when I am in a long boat. I use Euro exclusively in ww and surf. Different folks favor different paddles for whatever the reason. Some folks go faster in a Euro because that is what they like, train and paddle with. Ditto with a GP. And, it’s pretty accepted if someone uses a wing exclusively, they are more about racing and most of the paddling tend towards to the training side to develop the strength and stamina for racing.

To put a GP is someone’s hand, even if they like it much from the start, and SUPPOSED that they are automatically going faster is a premature jump to a conclusion that is not necessarily supported by fact.

PNet is seems to more and more have folks posting subjective stuff about boats and equipment as almost “truths” that should apply to nearly everyone else.

I personally like the subjective elements of paddling. Do what feels good. But, If I were to put something down as truth/fact, then I think I should have put it on the line against myself/others – a competition as it were – and prove it. At that point, it’s not talk but fact.


I need to start putting emoticons in my posts so folks know that I’m joking around.