really good cooler

It’s kayak camping season, but hot. Is there an efficient cooler out there that is suitable for use in a kayak? I have tried several of the “soft” coolers but they only kind of work for a day or so.

Not much help . . .
I was really really impressed by the Coleman Ultimate Extreme series. We kept ice for 6 days.

They are, however, a traditional rigid cooler. Perhaps you would consider canoeing?

Ah’ no ah’ ain’t …

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carryin' no damn 'yaker's cooler!

(Dat be unless it be some damsel in distress wit vittles or possibly a case of Beanee Weenees smuggled inta Joisey)


Polar Bear Cooler
Best I’ve had, and I’ve tried many. VERY thick insulation and it doesn’t leave a puddle in the floor of your shuttle vehicle like the rest do. Look closely behind the canoe seat and you’ll see it fastened to the thwart. Here’s a link to them. WW

Yeah, canoes have it…
for cooler hauling.

But here’s an idea, if you are interested.

In the construction trades there is a bunch of folks who insulate things. Pumps, tanks, boilers,etc…

One of the products they use is a sheet “rubber” which is a very good insulator. And not a bad sleeping pad in cold climates;) It comes in different thicknesses, and is very flexible. Some manufactures I’ve seen are Armstrong and Rubatex.

Find a supply house for mechanical insulation in your area, (SPI, General Insulation, Goodwin), talk to the salesman, buy a can of glue to go with it, and build the puppy!

It’s flexible enough to stuff in a hatch, and then fill. You can build it to fit where you want it.

Dam, now I have to build one to see if it works.

It’s up to you to figure out how to drain the thing…let me know what you come up with.

Have fun,


Like this one!
this guy did just that…made his own…check it out…

link to other mods he’s done(Scroll towards the bottom for the narrative of the Ice Chest build…)

Good Idea
I’ve used 1/2" foil backed rigid foam as a liner in a soft cooler with some success. I am going to experiment with “dry ice” next to see if I can extend the time I can keep things frozen or at least cool.

excellent cooler
1 bottle dry white wine

3-4 very ripe peaches

4 limes

Splash of Triple sec

Small bottle sparkling water

More limes for garnish

Much ice

Large cold pitcher and glasses

I just tried out a soft cooler and got 3 days of cold out of it. I froze the food and 6 pint bottles of water. I also lined the cooler with an insulated bag that you use to take your cold food home from the grocery store. Mine was just the silver cheapie but they do have much better ones. I am pretty sure I could have had even more cold had I used bigger pieces of ice. Temps were generally in the upper 70’s to low 80’s during the day.


Cheap one from a supercenter.
I hate to admit it but I had to get mine from the Supercenter. They are the soft sided ones with a rigid pan inside. I actually have two sizes. One for short trips and one for longer ones. The small one was under seven dollars and the large on was a little over ten. The brand is “Frozn” I have had them stay cold for four days. The morning of the fourth day they were at the end of the cold life. I paddle in Florida so I think I was lucky for the long duration. I always put it in the freezer overnight before packing it. I freeze as many things in it as possible. I pack it so I only have to take what is off the top as it is needed. Pack it tight with as few voids as possible. I find the way it is packed in the boat helps too. I put it on the water bag and then keep my towel on top and some dry bags on the sides. For extra cold (my ice cream sandwiches) I’ll add some dry ice. I have packed both and used one early in a trip and then the other one I pack with dry ice and use it the last part.

DRY ice…oh yeah…great improvement

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Dry ice....without a doubt! Such a difference in results..!;-) *EDIT:...just picked up the Coleman Extremo...looking forward to a few days out & about, feels like a good cooler...

try a SOT with a tankwell. I’ve used mine for a cooler and it worked really well.


if you have a shady spot
try and evaporative cooler.

Evaporation does have to happen so tropical humidity does not help.

Wrap your item in a wet cotton terry cloth towel. If it started cool it will stay cool.

Works in inland areas with temps from 40 to 100. Like the BWCA. Have been out seven weeks with same margarine. What was uneaten after seven weeks was still hard.

No ice required.