REALLY NEED HELP!!! harrisburg pa

was planning a trip down the susquehanna but lost my kayak(contract issues) I am disabled and cannot afford a new boat all at once, Just wondering if anyone needs a higher end mtn. bike in exchange for a 12-14’ kayak with a skeg, no rudder. The bike was used for a fundraiser and does have minor historic value. go to my blog site and see that this thing is If you can help me, I would really be grateful. email me at

i would ask a local retailer to lend you, or rent you cheap, a demo. or check craigs list, there was a guy here in tennessee that wanted to trade his kayak for a mtn bike or other poss. trades. I am a canoe guy myself, sorry, best of luck…

has anyone else seen this message before
(or a version thereof?)

stolen for drug money

I don’t believe a word of it.

legitimate request
I read the description of the proposed outing participation on his blog – appears to be legit. I’ve paddled with visually impaired folks before and applaud him for taking on such challenges (and for maintaining a positive outlook in the face of his condition). If I had a boat that met his specs I would offer it to him but mine are all way too long (he’ll have to negotiate some white water) and/or have rudders.

I know we’ve had some spurious help requests on here but I don’t believe this one deserves skepticism. He’s offering a trade, after all, not outright charity. Good suggestion for him to contact dealers in his area for a demo loan – I’ll pass the info along to my local shop and see if they might be interested.

Not to be cynical but …
It’s on the interweb! It must be true! :-/

Good luck if it’s true, but this post looks very similar to one posted a couple months back. I wonder if it’s legit or not. Going to have to try and find the previous post.

right around the corner from you …
… Blue Mountain Outfitters ,

Just a little ways up on 11/15 … from Harrisburg cross the bridge and turn right towards Duncanon … it’ll be on the right side of the road .

Give them a call , explain what you want to do and take your MTB over there for them look at and maybe make a deal .

Good luck and be careful on the river … what are your start and finish points ??

and annoyingly there is a big
detour on 81. You can get to BMO but if you are coming from the east side of the river you have to drive a good ways south on 81.

Perpetual construction.

what happened to REALLY NEED HELP
… I tried to check his wordpress blog but couldn’t find it … anybody know how to ??

I wish he had put up a link …

He did

There is no www actually…The OP just made a typo.

I guess Jackson Kayaks might have reneged. There is a link to them on his site.

ok , thanks …

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....... actually I did find that site the first time , but after skimming through it for a bit I gave up because was looking for something that talked about "disabled and need a kayak for a Susquehanna run , will swap MTB" ... or something along those lines , kayak related .

I dug in deeper this time kayamedic (only because you made me think it had to be there) , and did find the part that mentions his intentions to set out from City Is. (May 23) and make it to Havre De Grace .

I think his intentions are legit and would like to see him have an opportunity to make it work out , safely of course .

The currents below the Holtwood discharge corridor are treacherous when the power plant part of the dam releases . It is over a hundred feet deep along the east shore . Even extremely strong on the west shore inside the rock groto and islands , at the ramp during a release . I would guess that ramp will be the put in after mandatory portage around Holtwood ... then comes Peachbottom and the long stretch to Conowingo dam . Below Conowingo is also treacherous when the dam relaeses until past Lapidum ramp .

I don't know the sretch below Conestogo but would imagine it's similar for quite a ways down river of the dam .

There was a gal who stopped by a year or so ago who was making her final leg on the Susquehanna asking about almost the same exact stretch he is planning . It would be nice if he could talk with her for some first hand planning advice . Remember her , she did the intire length of the Susquehanna .

I know from my own experiences on the Susquehanna that gage levels will be very critical .

now I think he is legit too.
The written word at face value sometimes leads us astray. Its so one dimensional.

i think this is it …

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May 23 , has strong possibilities of gage levels being too high , dangerous for paddled craft on the river ... I've seen it that way at end of May many times in the past 12 years .

Hey, swap-o-rama!
Let’s all take up message board space with things we want to swap.

Put each under a new title, like this thread. That way they won’t get mixed up, and they’ll come to the top of the board.

I have a pair of drip rings I’d likely swap for a sponge.

Make sure you start each thread with something like I NEED A SWAP!

Capital letters helps it stand out to anyone who might be interested. But don’t say WHAT you want to swap in the title…then no one would have to click on it. The key is to make it sound urgent. You know, LIFE AND DEATH.