Really Need Traveling Kayak Idea Help???

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We bought a raised roof travel van. A full sized Chevy Van. I am hoping to take it on lots of weekend trips to the NORCAL coast this fall, winter, and spring.

I honestly haven't given much thought to how to take kayaks...

The raised roof doesn't have racks, and getting kayaks up there would be a real pain.

No room inside for anything much over 10'

I can always make due with the OK Mars that is only 13' and 50# and just try and wrestle it on top and rig some kind of rack.

A wave ski would be pretty easy....

Maybe get a traveling yak? We have Stearns that work pretty well for small Sierra Lakes, but for the ocean I need something seaworthy and fast enough to keep up with friends in sea kayaks.

I was thinking about a high end Inflatable Kayak (IK) like a Sea Tiger.

Or maybe a folder. Tsunami Chuck can give me help with that. I think they even make a SOT version, but how much trouble to assembly every time?

You need to try Jun’s Kahuna
20 minute assembly. My Khats takes me close to an hour. Some Folbots can be put together in 10 minutes.


Who Makes Kahuna?
I was thinking about that.

Sorry to show my folding boat ingnorance…but who makes that?

We have been thinking about a trailer.

Kathy will be dring the van. She is a bus driver so she is used to it, but she is not the greatest at backing trailers. That is usually my job.


Thanks! That Java Looks Cool!

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Kathy has been wanting something we can use as a tandem for flatwater.

How would folders hold up to surf launches?

Couple Weekends And Group Trips…
I am thinking most weekend will just be Kathy and I. Kathy doesn’t do open ocean trips, and certainly not surf launches.

I was thinkking for those short weekends with just she and I, I can just put a short SOT like the Frenzy, or maybe a Scrambler in the back. She doesn’t mind waiting on the beach while I play in the surf and maybe go up the coast from New Brighton to Captiola.

New Brighton is only a couple hours away, so I could even drive over there separately in my Toy truck with racks.

For longer trips to meet with a mixed group, I need something faster, but it doesn’t have to be able to do surf launches.

Just thinking out loud here…

Well, maybe…

A Scrambler XT is 12’ long, 29" wide, and maybe a foot-and-a half thick. Don’t know any but a super extened van -or a panel van -that would fit one of those. And the Scrambler’s basically 10 inches shorter.

I think you’re looking at a folder, a blower, or a trailer.

You guys actually have room for any of that stuff…?

Me? I’d opt for the trailer.

You can take one boat -or you can take more than one boat. It’s light and easy to drive. You (& Kathy) will have room inside the van to actually use. It’ll be a HECK of a lot easier to load than almost every other option I can think of.

And you’ll probably be able to take any one, two, or maybe up to four -of the fleet with you when you head out to


-Frank in Miami

Jsut Thinking Right Now

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I was looking at the Aire Sea Tiger and remembering those days with my butt soaking in water all day....

But I also remember Kathy trying to back up the tent trailer. A major cause of marital disharmony! One big reason we sold it and bought a van!

And we sold the house and are renting a place with a huge RV pad! Almost unlimited toy parking!

I am sure that most weekends I can just throw a Scrambler in the back and go, but just thinking of weekends when I paddle with others and want something faster.

I am started to get obessed with the Feathrcraft Java. Kind of the ultimate cross between SOT, folder, and IK. I can feel the new boat fever coming on...

Yost folders?
Have you considered building one of Tom Yost’s folding designs? If you haven’t already looked at them, the website is

Folder vs. trailer
I have a Klepper A1 and a Kajak Sport Millenium. The Kajak Sport is hauled on a SportsRig trailer. Of the two options, the Kajak Sport on the trailer gets used about 10x as often as the Klepper.

I can put my Klepper together in 20 to 30 minutes, but I can get the Kajak Sport off the trailer and into the water in 5 minutes. Plus the KS is nicer to paddle in all but real rough conditions. Plus when I get done paddling, the KS goes back on the trailer in 5 minutes. The Klepper has to be dried before folding for storage. So you either wait at the water, or take it home and unfold it to dry. Either way the folder is a hassle.



40" Bling Bling Wheels
Then hang your kayak of choice from the front and rear axles. Might work for you monster truck drivers also.

Almost sounds good in theory though doesn’t it.



Just thought of a guy here Ft laud
This guy drives a full size van and dives from a tandem/catamaran kayak or whatever this vessel is.

This guy uses an electric winch to winch/drag the boat up to the roof rack and vice versa.

He also has two 10" x 8’ ? PVC pipes mounted up the filled with water and a garden hose attachment.

I might try to dream up a davit, knuckle boom type rig rather than skimp and use a smaller boat.



Basketball Player
would be an ideal travelling companion. She would be tall enough to place any kayak on your raised van.