Rear Loading Help

I have an SUV and want to load the kayak from the rear and slide it up into the cradles that hold the boat with the hull down. Besides using a bath mat, what do you use ,does it work, are you happy with your set up?

A safety stool and a blanket .

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Two people or lift it over your head if you can. Otherwise, you are doing it about right. I prop the bow against the pad protected SUV and then lift the stern and slide the hull onto the cradles. Having a rear cradle that allows the hull to slide helps. I use a Marco kayak saddle in the rear and rubberized cradle forward to make it easier to slide on/off the rear.

The issue that I am concerned with using a bath mat is the potential damage to the plastic spoiler at the top of the glass on the hatch.

What size kayak are you loading…
A hullavator $$ might be worth it for a larger boat.

I’m loading sea kayaks 16’ 6". I don’t relish the thought of the cost of the hullavator. To load 2 boats would require 2 hullavators . Cost around $2000. cd. for this set up. Looking for a more resonable option for myself.

I have not had an issue with the spoiler on my car - 6.5 years and over 1000 load/unload cycles in that time. My kayaks are 45-55 lb. I use a bathmat. That said my spoiler is pretty short (2014 Subaru Crosstrek).

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Has anyone have experience using a Yakima Showboat 66? Impressions? Thanks

That is basically what I use but my Forester doesn’t have a spoiler. A petite friend has a rig made from PVC pipe fittings that attaches from the back rack bar and has pool noodle foam over the tube that lays on the rear window of her Impreza.

i was going to suggest KariTek ELRR but unit, load bars/feet and cradles and you’re back at the price of a couple of Hullavators. Granted you can carry 3 kayaks on it but the Hullavator does more lifting for you. Still beats letting the air out of your tires at the curb.

I have some friends that use this and they are happy with it.

If leaning a composite kayak against the rear of the car take care with the stern if doing so on pavement. It puts a lot of pressure there. Another bath mat or protective tape helps. I’ve done a number of gelcoat repairs where the gelcoat has chipped off of the tip of the keel…


Have you heard of the Malone Seawing roof rack with the “Stinger” option? I don’t t know if that might work for you, but maybe worth looking up?

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I have used an Amagansett Roller Loader for years for solo load, which was not uncommon before and is all the time since 2014. It has loaded onto stackers, glide pads, rollers and saddles over the years. Never tried Jbar is all, doubt it would be good there.

I have found that the wheels on mine are still clearing the increasingly large spoilers on the backs of cars, though I would say just working with my current car. If I were to buy it new now I would get a bigger wheel size to allow for more increase in the size of the spoilers.

I did eventually get a Hullivator for one side, so the roller loader routine only comes into play for a second boat. But I find this to the best assist device for me for tall cars, sea kayaks and my aging.

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I had a “Stinger” and it worked just OK… It would come straight back and help stabilize the bow for loading but I don’t think it would help if you had to deal with an air deflector.

See if the dealer can remove the spoiler.

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Spoiler typically holds the backup light in SUVs. Removal would be illegal.
It is also not a fatal problem, as above I am and having been getting around it for years.

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I carry a couple of those 24 inch square rubber mats, the kind that interlock, to rest the end of the kayak on when I am loading or unloading.

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I use a furniture blanket but I too have issues with loading .
I have been loading from the side but this season got Yakima cradles with the aim to back load.
Looking for better rear roller solution too :>

I have a set of Thule “glide” cradles for the rear of the boat. I’ve cushioned with a couple of old bath towels and also an old yoga mat, which makes a better cushion.

I have a 17’ Scorpio that I load onto my minvan. I use a suction cup roller. I put it on the back window, up high and I can easily and safely load my boat by myself. I would not be able to get the boat in the racks by my self otherwise. I’ve had no issues, but just have make sure the window is clean and that the suction cups grabbed properly. Looking around online I coudnt find the brand I have, but see that Cabelas has the “Seattle Sports Sherpak Boat Roller” that is the same type of product.