Reasonable price for used royalex canoe?

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I love the forums and have spent lots of time browsing, but this is my first time posting.

–I’ll put in an offer and let you know how it goes. I think I can convince my significant other to let me spend $6-700… hopefully :slight_smile:

Kevlar vs. Royalex
Actually Kevlar is superior to Royalex (both trade names) but is indeed more labor intensive. Thermoforming is a relatively inexpensive way to make canoes, keeping the labor costs down but Royalex was always a bit too flexible so tends to change shape while paddling. Kevlar or fiberglass for that matter shouldn’t unless designed wrong.

I’ve got a Royalex Argosy and it’s a fun canoe and can bang it around on shallow streams and not worry, something I wouldn’t want to do with a Kevlar canoe. But it dents and flexes.

Bill H.

dent n flex

dent n flex dent v flex we all gonna dent n flex !

and you ? you can walk out.

Take a look at this

New royalex Spirit II’s listed for $1900 or so, probably few hundred less if you call. Note that most royalex is marked at 50% to 100% above 2013 SRP. This is common when you look around the country. Given all the on line hype/gouging going on, $450 to $500 is probably fair.

Right on !
Last year I bought a brand new unused Wenonah solo from a dealer It was ordered from Wenonah and was the last one they had . Paid $600

Jack L

That’s very surprising.
Around here, $600 is a good price for a use royalex solo in very good condition.

Oops muy bad !
I just checked with “the bride” and that is what I paid for my used, (like new) one, and we paid $1200 for that new one.

I apologize if I shook any one up

Jack L

where ?

That’st more in line with what I’d
expect. Thanks for the clarification.

Click on the head (profile) next to my
name and you’ll be able to divine what region I’m referring to.

Florida is not
a royalex seller’s market. Yours maybe the last Royalex solo n its not gonna sell.

ended putting in an offer…
For $650, but the seller was holding out for $900-1000 as far as I could tell. He told he me he had rejected an earlier offer for $800. Just a heads up if anyone else is interested: It’s listed in the Grand Rapids craigslist “17ft Wenonah Canoe” Thanks for all the feedback!